Micro Needle Eye Mask


PV: 262

Matrix arrangement of 2000 soluble microneedles

300 micron precision to the muscle base

90% hyaluronic acid sustained penetration

Fade dark circles   tighten eye bags   remove fine lines around eyes

Fade nasolabial    fill lacrimal grooves    seal and repair



Capacity:   0.3gx8 ea

Ingredients: nanosilver ceramic beads (silver, zeolite, apatite, quartz, etc.) and tourmaline ceramic beads that can release micro electromagnetic waves

Efficacy: After encountering water, it can ionize water and spray water mist which contains rich minerals that can remove harmful free radicals and resist oxidation. Little molecule water mist can moisturize dry and damaged skin. At the same time, nanosilver ceramic beads have an excellent antibacterial effect, which can quickly replenish water and repair skin.

Applicable skin type: all skin types, especially those with aging problems such as wrinkles around the eyes

Age: All ages

Stick the microneedle eye mask on the eye or the part that needs to improve, gently press vertically with the finger pulp, and stick tightly to the skin. After at least 1 hour of application, remove the eye mask.


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