Rejuvenation Essence


PV: 168

Turn back the clock  Reverse age

Activate the deep energy contained in the skin to reproduce the elastic luster

Remove annoying wrinkles

Let the original beautiful, more bloom new life

It focuses on skin deep replenishment and anti-wrinkle,tightening and elastic effect




Net content: 50ml

Ingredients: panthenol, allantoin, Centella Asiatica extract, Baiwei extract, purslane extract

Available group: Mature skin type

Efficacy: a variety of precious plant ingredients beneficial to the skin, supplement the nutrition needed by the skin, repair the skin, relieve dry lines on the face, smooth and firm the skin

Usage: Apply the proper amount of this product evenly and gently to the skin, pat it until absorbed into the skin, and collocation with seaweed mask and energy water spray is better.





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